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HIST & MYTH: A Collection of Irish Deities

Post 234. Written by Ben Kesp. 
Today, I want to share with you the posts that I have written so far on the Irish Deities. There are many gods/goddesses of old, some more important than others, and a few that have transcended from the old customs and have found themselves filtered through the cross over to Christianity. 

However, there is one major goddess whom I have not written about as I feel I would not do her justice due to her complexity and that is the Morrígan. From researching and studying what I can on Irish mythology, it could appear that the Morrígan is an older or origin deity than the Tuatha Dé Danann and a possible Sovereign Goddess of Ireland. Perhaps she is the same as the Cailleach Bhéara or the Hag of Beare, an old crone worshipped and long associated with the landscape. Comparisons have been drawn between her and the Irish Goddess Morrígan (War, Death & Rebirth) - perhaps they all encompass each other, shape shifting as the yearly seasons move over the landscap…

LITERATURE: The Unknown Her

Post 233 Written by Tevin Ponder
The Unknown Herby Tevin Ponder 
When I slept outside the library,  My love was gone, cold, weary  During the day I met several sallies  That didn’t compare to my old companion’s  Depths, not valley’s Her guard was a cliff that blocked my steam,  Like The Hakuma Pali  She thought I was lost my clothes needed wash our trust died away,  Do things for myself,  When it was us-we-were someone else,  The unknown her, I couldn’t see until that phone call, miserably  What if she, never ever felt the same as me.  “Couples we were”  You were someone  I was someone you got distant  I got further  You were cool  I was hot  You could’ve been  I should’ve been; but we  Are no longer.

About the Author Hello there bloggers and readers! My name is T. Ponder. I’m an Independent Author and personally, I love to play the game of Chess. One day while simply playing Chess with a friend, I noticed the most complex patterns. Then, I decided to Write. 
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